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Embryo Glue

IVF treatment is a recommended method of having a baby. As part of the crucial procedures for its success, embryo transfer must be done professionally. During the fertility treatment, embryo transfer is an exciting though stressful milestone. After culturing of embryos in Vitro for up to 6 days, a keen selection is done before implantation. There are several factors that affect the implantation success rate. Majorly, the kind of embryo selected and the receptiveness of the uterus matter. Health and fertility researchers have confirmed the effectiveness of using Embryo Glue to enhance implantation.


Embryo Glue contains hyaluronan in high amounts and recombinant human albumin. While it is manufactured in a way that mimics the uterine conditions, it helps in quicker implantation of the embryo after transfer. When compared to situations when a conventional medium with no hyaluronan was used, research shows that the use of the Glue reduced the chances of miscarriages and occurrence of other events that might end in termination of pregnancy.

The Embry Glue, high in the implantation promoting hyaluronan also has all energy sources and nutrients that the body requires for full embryo development. Success has been documented and the glue has increased the take-home baby rates when used in IVF. Don’t be confused. Embryo Glue isn’t an actual glue but acts like it. Hyaluronan naturally is present in all body tissues and is an essential molecule in the implantation and development of an embryo.

Still, in the womb, the substance is present although there is an increase in levels when the woman can be expectant. This Glue has been manufactured with the right concentration of hyaluronan and will mirror the level of the naturally produced one in the womb during the time of implantation. The Glue is thick like fluids in the womb to prevent the embryo from drifting. Hyaluronan binds molecules found on the inner walls of the womb to those on the embryo. This makes it act as a bridge between the embryo and the womb. Implantation in the womb during IVF then occurs almost similar like in natural conception.

Using the glue increases the chances of becoming a parent. Other media used during embryo transfer have registered very low pregnancy rates. For this reason, IVF Clinic Turkey is doing the best IVF treatment and working round the clock to help couples have a baby. With reports of increased live birth rates after using the glue, there is no doubt in the services that the clinic offers. Clinicians have researched and found out more on the positive feedback of the Embryo Glue and how it has proven the success of IVF treatment.

There have been no reports of side effects from the use of this Glue to enhance implantation. No substances in the medium alter the functioning of the body. No information has been registered for birth defects but thousands of live births have been documented after using manufactured hyaluronan. This is enough proof that IVF treatment is possible and the chances of failures are very minimal.

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Publication of pregnancy rates allows for comparisons between different clinics. Rates published by individual fertility centers should be considered carefully, as some centers set strict patient criteria in order to maintain seemingly superior pregnancy rates.

Our expertise is reflected in the success rates of IVF Clinic Turkey, which are comparable to the best programs in the World. We are proud of our success rates and provide our cumulative pregnancy success rates in the following format.

Pregnancy Success Rates with 2 embryos

30 or younger - 72%
30-35 - 65%
36-40 - 44%
41-43 - 28%
44-45 - 11%