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Op. Dr. Yasemin Tontuş


Nesrin Akkas


İsa Tozkar

General Coordinator

Ali Seyhun

Coordinator for International Patient Relations



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In our continuing effort to provide the highest quality of personalized care at our fertility clinic, IVF Clinic Turkey has established Care Teams. There are many different aspects of IVF Clinic Turkey, and we hope that the formation of teams will make the process easier on our patients. We have developed the following teams at IVF Clinic Turkey to provide the best care for patients.


Physician Care Teams

Most of IVF Clinic Turkey's clinical staff is organized into six Physician Care teams, one for each of our doctors and that doctor’s patients. Each physician care team includes the following staff members who will become familiar with each of our patients and their specific treatment plan.

Procedure Area Team

For patients undergoing IVF egg retrievals, hysteroscopic surgeries or testicular extraction procedures, our dedicated and caring Procedure Area Team are there to help make patients feel more comfortable and at-ease with the process.

Front Desk Team

Our dedicated Front Desk staff is there to smooth the intake and check-out process, answer any procedural questions and set up necessary appointments. We pride ourselves on providing friendly, caring and efficient reception services at our fertility clinic.




Publication of pregnancy rates allows for comparisons between different clinics. Rates published by individual fertility centers should be considered carefully, as some centers set strict patient criteria in order to maintain seemingly superior pregnancy rates.

Our expertise is reflected in the success rates of IVF Clinic Turkey, which are comparable to the best programs in the World. We are proud of our success rates and provide our cumulative pregnancy success rates in the following format.

Pregnancy Success Rates with 2 embryos

30 or younger - 72%
30-35 - 65%
36-40 - 44%
41-43 - 28%
44-45 - 11%