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IVF Cost

At IVF Clinic Turkey, our patients have access to some of the best fertility treatment in Turkey, and the World, can offer. We understand that sometimes IVF cost can be confusing and that each patient has individual circumstances and treatment needs.

We believe that being informed is the key to making the right decision for you and your family. Our experienced accounts team are available to discuss any IVF cost queries you may have when you meet with them for your accounts appointment prior to commencing treatment.

The table below provides an estimate of your out of pocket expenses for fertility treatment with IVF Clinic Turkey.

Treatment  Approximate Out of Pocket Cost*
Initial IVF Cycle  $4,787
Subsequent IVF Cycle $4,174
Initial IVF w/ ICSI Cycle $5,217
Subsequent IVF w/ ICSI $4,661
IUI Cycle $1,074
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) $2,143

Fees correct as at December 1 2018.

*Final out of pocket costs will depend on patients’ individual circumstances.

Please note: cycle fees are not inclusive of day hospital procedure fees, specialist consultations or any extra medication you may require.

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Every journey needs a first step

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Publication of pregnancy rates allows for comparisons between different clinics. Rates published by individual fertility centers should be considered carefully, as some centers set strict patient criteria in order to maintain seemingly superior pregnancy rates.

Our expertise is reflected in the success rates of IVF Clinic Turkey, which are comparable to the best programs in the World. We are proud of our success rates and provide our cumulative pregnancy success rates in the following format.

Pregnancy Success Rates with 2 embryos

30 or younger - 72%
30-35 - 65%
36-40 - 44%
41-43 - 28%
44-45 - 11%